Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

If you are unable to surf the Internet please follow the steps listed below before calling for technical support. If you are able to surf the Internet but are unable to get your email and/or you are receiving email errors when checking for mail, please double check your email settings by referring to the appropriate section of this guide.

The following trouble shooting suggestions assume that you have a router and that your computer is plugged directly into the router and the router is plugged directly into our connection. The WAN or Internet port on the router should be set to Static IP. The provider IP address that begins with 208.80 should be programmed into the router.

All static IP settings can be found on the IP address information sheet that was provided during install.

Please note, Point to Point tech support cannot assist you with programming your router. You will need to consult the documentation that came with your router.

If you have no Internet connectivity…

1. Reboot your computer, router and our module (one at a time). Our module is plugged in with a power supply labeled “Motorola” and it has a green LED to indicate that it is on. Unplug the module for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. Once all devices have rebooted (this can take up to a couple of minutes) try to surf the Internet again. If the Internet is still not working then continue with the next trouble shooting steps.

2. At your computer open up a Command Prompt by clicking on “Start” then “Run” and typing “cmd” into the box labeled “Open”.

3. Then type “ipconfig /all” and press ENTER. You will see a black box with IP and networking information in it.

4. Your IP address should start with (The xxx is your unique computer number). Your subnet mask should be and your default gateway should be Please note these settings are “common” setting, yours may be different depending on router brand and model.

5. Your DHCP Server should be listed as (again the xxx is your unique computer number) and you should have DNS Servers listed. Please note that they may not be as listed above but similar numbers should be listed.

6. After confirmation that “TCP/IP” is setup correctly please repeat steps 1 through 4 to confirm that the information appears as in the example above. If it does not appear please call Technical Support. If it does appear then please try to surf the Internet.

Need Additional Support?

If you still require assistance you can also reach us by: