Fair Usage Policy

In order to ensure you have the most reliable and cost effective Internet package. We are reminding all of our customers of the gig/data transfer rate that are associated with each package. The purpose of gig/data transfer is to ensure the Internet is available when you need it and that heavy users are paying for their appropriate usage.

Examples of the existing packages are:

  • $49.99, residential package, 25 gig/data transfer rate
  • $89.99, home office package, 50 gig/data transfer rate
  • $149.99, small business package, 75 gig/data transfer rate
  • $399.99, large business package, 100 gig/data transfer rate

Gig/data transfer beyond your package limit will be billed at a rate of $3.00 per Gb

Point to Point has also created an account whereby you are able to monitor you gig/data transfer usage at your convenience. Browse to http://reports.ptpbroadband.com and enter your username and password. You will see your daily usage displayed in various formats, current daily usage, past 7 days usage, this month to date, and the trailing twelve months.

Your account username is the account holder’s first name initial and last name, your password is your unique customer number located on the top of your invoice.

i.e. Mr. Support Team      Account #123456

Username: steam
Password: 123456