Broadband Solution Overview

Broadband Services Keep You Highly Connected

Today’s organisations and homes depend on the most reliable and high-speed connections possible to get business done, and to stay closely connected to their networks. Whether you need a solution to allow your business to share real-time data updates and company news with partners, or need to know that your downloads will be accomplished in the minimum amount of time possible, Point to Point can provide a broadband solution that works for you.

Point to Point Broadband currently offers service throughout Simcoe County, Grey County and the Muskoka’s. With over 400 enterprise customers, our network has grown on the strength of our service, our reliability and the consistent excellence we deliver to the end user.

Making Broadband Accessible to All Types of Users

Our Municipal customers who have enjoyed our radio services for fire, ambulance and police for years are now are taking advantage of our Broadband portfolio to build private networks for their own needs. Similarly, public works customers are able to benefit from the high-speed, real-time network communications we provide.

Our residential customer base continues to grow steadily as well, and we are well positioned to maintain strong, sustained growth in coming years. We offer a wide range of service plans to suit your specific needs.

Choose a service solution from the Service Plans menu above or contact Point to Point today to learn about the right service plan for you.