Residential Broadband Plans


Get Connected at Home

Point to Point Broadband’s mission is to ensure you obtain the internet connectivity and bandwidth resources your family or home office needs. We provide expert installation and services to get you up and running quickly, and flexible internet plan levels.

Point to Point currently offers two Residential Packages. View our package comparison table below for more details:

PACKAGE DETAILSStandard ResidentialUpgraded Residential
IP AddressDynamic IPDynamic IP
Download Speed*Burstable to 1.5 mbpsBurstable to 3 mbps
Upload Speed*Burstable to 512 kbpsBurstable to 1 mbps
EncryptionHigh Security EncryptionHigh Security Encryption
Monthly Usage50 GB200 GB
Monthly Usage Overcharge$3 Per Month Per GB$3 Per Month Per GB
System MonitoringBasic MonitoringBasic Monitoring
Service Response Time
24 Business Hour
Response Time
Installation$499 Set Up Fee
Basic Install Included
$299 Set Up Fee
Basic Install Included
Package Pricing12 Months – $69.99/mo
24 Months – $59.99/mo
36 Months – $49.99/mo
24 Months – $89.00/mo

*Increase your bandwidth/speed, up to double, with our compression box. $75.00 per month plus hardware of $20.00 per month.