Mesh Solutions

Mesh Solutions for Self-Forming, Self-Healing Communications Networks

Point to Point Broadband is excited to offer Wireless Mesh products as the newest addition to our Business Portfolio. But wait just a second…what is a mesh network anyway?

A mesh network is essentially a series of nodes – wireless access points that are typically mesh routers but can also be laptops, PDAs and the like – which route data to each other. Each node is connected to each other by one of two ways: either by connecting each node to every other, or by connecting some nodes to others through “hops”, thus creating a high-speed, self-forming and self-healing communications network. In a traditional mesh network, all nodes are in constant communication – so should one node fail or be added, the network self-adjusts and reorganizes accordingly.

Ideal deployments for a mesh network are campus type environments and co-operative municipal networks, but mesh is also handy for temporary set-ups such as conferences and festivals or any other wi-fi unfriendly locations such as large warehouses. Another area where mesh networking flourishes is in resort settings where public access (secured or unsecured) is desired.

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