Basic Installation Policy

A basic broadband installation can include the following equipment:

  • Standard mounting hardware such as a satellite dish arm
  • The subscriber module
  • Up to 75 feet of outdoor ethernet cable from the subscriber module to the power-over-ethernet injector
  • POE (power-over-ethernet) adapter used to supply power to the subscriber module
  • A surge suppressor

The supported installation types of the subscriber module are mounting on the roof or wall of the building in which the customer router will be located.

Some examples of work that are outside the scope of a basic installation:

  • Ethernet cable runs beyond 75 feet
  • Multiple ethernet cable runs
  • Digging of trenches used to bury cable to a subscriber module not mounted on the building the customers router is in (ex. A post in the yard)
  • Programming or configuration of the customers networking equipment (ex. Router)
  • Removal of tree branches
  • Mounting subscriber module at a height exceeding a standard single-story roof
  • Installation of infrastructure to mount equipment higher then the existing roof (ex. TV tower)

If any of this work is required, it will be the responsibility of the customer. If the customer requests additional work prior to the installation being scheduled, Point to Point Broadband may be able to accommodate the request at an additional cost.